More Help in the Dungeon

The Dragon Hunters were joined by Werdena [Andrew] and Indian Jones the Third [Patrick] as they continued to explore the keep.

The entered the torture chamber, defeated a hobgoblin and his goblin friend—there were hot poker arrows, table jumping, and pushing guys into fire pits—really excellent and exciting combat.

Thore joined at the last minute and magic missle the last of them into dust—a very very fun adventure!

Iron Tooth Defeated

The Dragon Hunters ran behind the waterfall and engaged the kobolds in the cave. Making quick work of the minion, the wardens and wyrmpriest moved in to tie them down until Iron Tooth approached. The battle lasted 10 rounds all together and most of the party was bloodied when it ended, but the party was successful!

Iron Tooth's Lair Discovered

The party decided to take a long rest.

The captured kobold escaped in the middle of the night—Feral heard his escape during her reverie, but he was able to get away before the Dragon Hunters could awaken.

Redscar tracked the escaped kobold to a waterfall infested with Draconic Kobolds.

The party engaged and successfully defeated all but one Kobold—the last kobold escaped beneath the waterfall.

Back on King's Road
Keep of the Shadowfell

The Party returns to Wraftons for dinner.

Meet with Lord Padraig who offers 100 gp for each Kobold confirmed killed and 1,000 gp for confirmation of the destruction of the Kobold Lair.

Talked to Eilian the Old about the keep—he will provide additional information after he consults his library. He also provided the Dragon Hunters with a map to the Burial Site.

Feral received a not from the Sisters of Solonar warning that Elemental Chaos had been detected in the Area.

Party heads out on Old Kings Road for the Burial Site and are ambushed by kobolds.

Exploring Winterhaven

The Dragon Hunters pass through the gates of Winterhaven.

The check into Wrafton’s, the inn of Winterhaven. Meet the owner Sylvana who showed you to your rooms. Thore and Faral shared a double room on the cornor, and Redscar had the room by the stairs. Redscar did not sleep-he stayed awake and listened for noises downstairs. But there were no sounds-Winterhaven is a quite farming community.

They have breakfast. Nebin and Wakley eat a lot.

They go to the Market.

They go to the Temple.

They go to the Armory Shoppe.

They go the market.

Vermin Captured + King's Road Ambush

The Party chats with Farmer Tooks wife and learns that Douven Staul headed for Winterhaven and has not been seen since. The return the last captured vermon to Professor Oak who is sitting with Dr. Parle Cranewing, the noted cartographer, in his camp. Dr. Cranwing offers a significant rewared (and magic mapping paper) if a map of the Keep of Winterhaven can be created.

The party heads out on Kings Road. They are ambused by Kobolds. Significantly improved tactics get them through fairly easily. We break after the battle.


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