M Half-Elf Ranger


Redscar is a Redscar has a Hawk familiar named Brown Wing.

Character Sheet


It was a stormy night in the Forgotten Realms as Dara (Elf) gave birth to her new son! Gaven. Gaven was no ordinary Half-elf he had a mark of blue on his fists. “Spell scar” whispered Dara. Just after that an unknown man walked in the door. He told Dara that her husband had been killed by a bugbear in Nerfall. Then he said the area was no longer safe, but Dara refused to leave.

A day later, a fire beetle walked in and killed Dara, but no young Gaven.

As Gaven hit his late 30’s he learned the ways of a ranger. Always borrowing items of friends but soon bought as battle axe and a long bow.

With his first adventuring party there were five members: The Dragonborn fighter Torrinn, the Dwarf Barbarian Darrak, the Eladrin


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